Who is the struggling mom

May 21, 2021 | Motherhood

She is the mom right beside you.

The one right in front of you.

The one at the grocery store.

She is your friend. Your daughter. Your granddaughter. She is your wife. She is your sister.

She is the working mom who feels guilty for loving her career and her kids.

The working mom who desires to be home with her kids.

She is the working mom who feels like she is doing nothing well.

The work from home mom struggling to balance work and kids.

She is the stay at home mom who has lost herself amidst of taking care of everyone else.

The one who feels like she does the same thing over and over and over.

She is the mom who feels like she is the only one who yells at her kids.

She is the one who can’t get her baby stop crying.

The one who can’t get her baby to sleep through the night.

She is the one who stays up all night worrying about her teenager.

She is the adoptive mom.

The foster mom.

The one who tried for so long to get pregnant.

She is the special needs moms trying to stay afloat.

The one who always looks put together.

She is the one whose kids behave perfectly in public.

The one who feels guilty for not enjoying motherhood more.

It is very likely you know her. She may even be you. All moms struggle with something, you just may not see it.

If you know her, you can help her. Here are 5 simple tips.

Tip 1. Draw her a bath and let her relax peacefully without interruption

Tip 2. Send her on a coffee date with a friend or with a good book

Tip 3. Offer to bring her snacks or water if she is nursing

Tip 4. Take her a meal no matter which category she falls into

Tip 5. Encourage her to take time for herself doing something that brings her joy.

If she is you…

Tip 1. Make a priority list of the top 5 things that matter to you and focus only on those.

Tip 2. Don’t feel guilty for taking time for yourself or spending money on your self. Self care in motherhood is like oxygen to your lungs.

Tip 3. Start by doing 1 thing for yourself on a weekly basis. Something you want to do that brings you joy. Make it non-negotiable.

Tip 4. Stop striving for perfection. but Instead for progress.

Tip 5. Stop comparing yourself to every other mom. She wasn’t gifted your child for a reason. YOU were!

Tip 6: Find a safe space or friend that you can share your struggles with.

Ask about my guide to a more joyful motherhood.