The Reality of Miscarriage with Mompreneur Morgan Brooks

May 21, 2021 | Motherhood

In 2013 I became pregnant and also experienced my first miscarriage. My husband and I were married just 2 short months prior, actually under the impression that a natural, spontaneous pregnancy was unlikely to occur. Upon my first ever positive pregnancy test my head exploded with a million questions. And a short 2 weeks later it spiraled into a million more questions I never anticipated I’d need to navigate.

I lost our first baby due to an ectopic pregnancy. I had received a phone call from my OBGYN that my ultrasound looked suspicious and my bloodwork was also cause for concern. It was later that day I learned I needed to make decisions. Risks versus benefits. I was shoved into making medical decisions while also trying to make amends with sorrow and grief. I had very little direction or sympathy from my provider and I was left to explore these deep feelings and confusion alone.

While during my recovery from a laparoscopic surgery I got lost on Google. I searched for support groups, I tried to find blogs that matched my situation, I searched local hospitals for some type of direction. I found nothing. It was in that moment that I saw a need that needed to be filled but I didn’t know how. I went on to lose 2 more pregnancies, the 3rd happening at the end of my first trimester. It was during those 12 weeks that I learned about a doula. This knowledge catapulted me into the local birth community and I finally found a sliver of the resources I had been longing for. However, during the loss that followed this knowledge I still couldn’t find women, groups, or providers who could help me process the confusion that sometimes comes with pregnancy loss. Several months later I became pregnant and we finally got our “take home baby”. I used a doula and several months later I decided that I needed to make my move. I would do everything I could to dig in and learn more about bereavement support, support groups and counselors who took interest in pregnancy and postpartum support, including the loss of a child at any gestation. These were my people. And the missing link that I had desperately been searching for for years! But, sadly the groups and resources were still small and limited. To this day, and another 2 losses later, I find that there are less hospital providers who give compassionate and thorough care to mothers experiencing miscarriage and loss. The lack of complete care surrounding pregnancy loss is astounding.

Miscarriage is not simply a physical experience. It can be deeply profound and impact a mothers entire health and well being, including her mental and emotional state. Education and access to resources for all providers who care for pregnant mothers and families is vital. Unfortunately, I am still seeking to find more resources. I am so thankful that we have a small yet fierce group of bereavement Doulas, mental health professionals, support group meetings, and a private Facebook group.

To help navigate a messy road here is a helpful list of local professional resources:

  • Deep Waters Bereavement, 311 E Indiana Ave, CDA ID – provides monthly pregnancy and infant loss support groups, bereavement doula services
  • Maria Turner – 222 W Mission, Spokane WA – licensed mental health professional, online/fb pregnancy & and infant loss support group, professional counseling services
  • Kelsi-lyn Smith – perinatal social worker, (509)781-0203
  • Morgan Brooks (me!) – Birth & Bereavement Doula, provides loving, compassion care for families during any stage of pregnancy, miscarriage, stillbirth, or neonatal death.
  • Hospice of Spokane – Connections Bereavement Support Group, designed to support children (ages 1-12) with navigating the loss of a loved one.
  • Spokane Miss Foundation –
  • Joyful Embrace Birth Doula Service – certified birth and bereavement doula. (208)651-5000
  • Heaven Sent, Baskets for babies – provide memory baskets for bereaved families,
  • Weave Miscarriage Box Miscarriage Gift Box | Weav Spokane

I have personally walked the road of loss multiple times. It has been placed deeply in my heart to care for the broken-hearted and support women and families through all aspects of pregnancy. I have recently immersed myself in deeper education to become a certified bereavement doula to expand the resources in our area. If you or a loved one is in need of support, please reach out. You are heard. You are seen. You are loved. And your baby is cherished. Do not walk this road alone. Let us help you find the right avenue of support that best fits your family.

About the author:

Morgan Brooks is first and foremost a Christian, wife, and mommy to 2 miracle babies with one on the way. She is a blogger, birth doula, certified bearevement doula and doTerra Wellness advocate.  She blogs about the struggles and triumphs of growing a family and multiple losses. She is passionate about providing a support network for women and families who have experienced loss.