I am passionate about helping mompreneurs pursue their dreams.

I am happy to speak at a conference or event (virtual or in-person) to discuss reducing burnout, self-care, having the proper money mindset, and learning how to trust God throughout the entire process.


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What People are Saying

Cheree is approachable and relatable, she’s a well grounded woman who is very passionate about guiding women in learning to practice sustainable self care in their lives. Rather then Self care being a vague, unattainable concept Cheree is able to break it down in a way that makes it both understandable and relatable for people (women) who lead real lives.

She speaks with authority while coming from a heartfelt place that carries grace, she’s honest and vulnerable about her own journey of self care. I love that Cheree’s approach to self care is that it’s something that should be sustainable. Not just that one bubble bath, or nature walk or a spa day but that it becomes part of your lifestyle.

When I first saw Cheree present at an event, she talked about a ‘balanced’ life from the perspective of rest vs. stress. As she engaged the audience and had them talk about restful activities vs. stressful activities, it began to click for me… I didn’t have to live this life of unnecessary and unrelenting stress. I could strive for more balance – and actually achieve it.

I’ve had the privilege of hearing her speak in person to mompreneurs, and she always leaves the audience with valuable and ready to implement tips to creating a more balanced life.

Hillarie K.

One of the most unique things I’ve discovered since seeing Cheree present again is her desire to help you ‘see’ a way out your out-of-balance life. Cheree’s instructions on visualizing absolutely changed the way I frame things – and achieve more balance in my life. I’ve tried a lot of things in my life to become ‘less stressed’, like yoga and meditation, but Cheree framed her techniques in a visualization-type format, which was critical for a visual and kinetic person like myself. It’s made a world of difference in terms of how I approach balance in my life!

Melissa B.