Saving your summer sanity with family owned coffee shop Indaba

May 21, 2021 | LIfestyle, Motherhood

Being a Mompreneur can be difficult, especially in the summertime when kids are home from school. I have to get creative with keeping my kids occupied, while still getting work done. In this blog post, I get to share about one of my favorite Spokane local coffee shops Indaba Coffee Roasters. Not only do I love their mission to “Love Coffee. Love People”, I also love the unique locations they have around town. 

Owner and staff of Indaba Coffee Roasters

Owner, Bobby Enslow, with his staff of managers

Each of Indaba’s 5 locations offer unique spaces where moms can go depending on their needs. Here are my go to’s depending on what I am doing, what I need and who I am with.

Riverside location-This is their newest location and so beautiful with its historic brick wall, natural light and on point interior design. It is a perfect place to go for a friend or hubby date as they offer beer, cider,  wine, coffee, gourmet toast, and live music on occasion. Also a great place to work as they have outlets everywhere and big open tables. This location offers late night hours M-F 7am – 9pm S-S 8am – 9pm

Howard location-I typically hit this one up in the summer when I am taking my kids down to Riverfront Park because it is just 1 block from the Carousel. It is also a great place to work from as it is quiet and frequented by people who work downtown.

Nettelton in Kendall Yards-This one is a family favorite as it is paired with Hello Sugar, which my kids are obsessed with. I get treated to coffee, they get treated to mini donuts-win-win! (I may partake in the min-donuts obsession as well since they have gluten free options). This one is especially a favorite in the summer, as it is located right next to Olmstead Park and the Centennial trail which sits perched above the Spokane River. A favorite for kid dates or family outings, paired with some of my favorite views of the city.

Indaba Riverside Store Front

Indaba Riverside location

Summit Parkway in Kendall Yards-If you live an active lifestyle and frequent Kendall Yards, this one is for you. It is paired with Fleet Feet Spokane. “I love how Indaba is a catalyst for community,” says founder, Bobby Enslow. “The more people can connect with each other in healthy ways, the better.” I personally love to grab a coffee here and then take my kids to Spark Central in Kendall Yards if we just need to get out of the house.  My kids can play, create, play on the computers, rent books etc while I work, keep my sanity and drink coffee.

Broadway in West Central-This is the original location perched in the heart of West Central. I love that it brings in all walks of life from students, to homeless, to friends, to business people. A place of quiet comfort that welcomes all who walk through the door.  I like to go here for meetings, meal planning, or business planning because there is just something about the atmosphere that inspires me.

*For addresses, hours and more details on the above locations, you can visit Indaba Coffee Roasters website.

Now for a look behind the scenes with busy career woman and mom of three, Sheena Enslow, wife of Indaba owner, Bobby Enslow.

Indaba owner Bobby Enslow and wife Sheena

Sheena Enslow, general manager, and ,owner, Bobby Enslow

Tell us your name, how many kids you have and what you do for work?

Sheena Enslow

3 littles (6, 4, 3)

General Manager for Indaba Coffee where I get to hang with the city’s best, most fun baristas

Why are you passionate about what you do?

I love utilizing my organizational skills in an administrative environment. But the most rewarding part of my job is rubbing elbows with our baristas and making them a truly important part of my life. I get to watch and help them grow both professionally and personally. When they leave us to pursue bigger things, I’m like a proud momma, wishing them well in their endeavors.

What is the biggest thing you struggled with as a first time mom?

Loss of identity. Even now, 6 years later, I mourn for those days before children. I wouldn’t change a thing, but the memory of that freedom is still fresh.

What do you currently struggle with as a mom?

Worry. I often worry so much that I forget to revel in the wonderful parts of raising kids.

What is one thing you feel you are crushing as a mom?

I don’t care what others think of how I do things. These children are ours and if my husband and I are on the same page, and the kids are happy and healthy, what does it matter our methods? 

(formula vs. breast, cloth vs. disposable, organic vs. non-organic, walmart vs. boutique)

If you could give one piece of advice to a new mom what would it be and why?

You do you and make time for yourself. As a parent, we are inundated with how-to’s and ‘shoulds’ that we become anxious and guilt-ridden. My favorite piece of advice bestowed upon me was, “If it makes you happier, then do it. Happy Momma; Happy Baby” (when I wrestled with my decision to not breast-feed).

What did your parents do really well that you hope to carry on with your own kids?

They let me have my space to develop myself on my own. They supported me in my activities and pushed me in only the directions I wanted to go.