This self care gift box is made up of organic and natural products free of harmful chemicals. It was designed for

  • Teachers
  • Moms of toddlers to teenagers
  • Single moms
  • Foster moms
  • Adoptive moms
  • Any female in need of self care
  • Moms in any stage of motherhood who just need some TLC



  • Double sided, dishwasher safe16 oz custom coffee mug 
  • Wild June 2.25oz coffee scrub
  • Wild June 2.25oz nourish skin cream
  • Lavender Bath Salts
  • Handwritten You Are Enough Card
  • Endangered Species Chocoloate 


*Recipients with a Spokane area address will also recieve free fitness classes, a coffee shop gift card, and nutrition coaching valuing the box at over $140.