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Meet the Founder

Hello. I am Cheree, the owner and founder of Heartfelt Mamas. I am a God loving mom of two beautiful boys and wife to one incredible, supportive, and handsome fella.  My background as a mom is somewhat diverse in that I have been a full time working mom, stay at home mom, part time working mom, and now a momprenuer.  I have personally felt the challenges and beauty that each of these bring, which has given me an incredible perspective and empathy for each of these dynamics. 

Mama on a Mission

My name is Cheree Sauer.

I am a God loving mama of two beautiful, goofball boys and wife to one handsome, funny & very supportive hubby.  Heartfelt Mamas stems from my own personal experiences and journey to find joy, happiness, and peace in this crazy thing we call motherhood. My heart is to help reduce anxiety, stress & comparisons in mamas in order to create happier, healthier families. It brings me such incredible joy to curate gift boxes made up of products & services from small local businesses in the Inland NW. 


The Heart Behind It All

Self care is not a luxury,

it is a neccesity!

Motherhood is hard! Mamas often set the tone of a household. If you can positively impact a mama, you can positively impact a family. As a mama, I have worked full time, overtime, traveled weeks on end, worked part-time, been a stay at home mom, and now a mamaprenuer. Through all of this, I have gained an incredible empathy for the different struggles and emotions that each of these dynamics carries. I can tell you from experience NONE of them are easy. One consistent thing I have found is that self care is crucial in all scenarios and as mamas it is a last priority. My hope is that Heartfelt Mamas will encourage self care & provide a place to find comfort and HOPE in knowing there are other mamas with the same STRUGGLES.