Four Tips to Save Your Sanity at Silverwood

May 21, 2021 | LIfestyle

Our family loves Silverwood but we have learned that being unprepared can make a fun experience turn into a stressful one. Here are my top tips to help make the most of your Silverwood experience.

#1 Plan Ahead

  • Food: Decide ahead of time if you will take food in or eat at the park. Did you know you can take in a 10×10 soft sided cooler with food and non-alcholoic drinks? You can not have glass and all drinks must be sealed. There are many restaurants throughout the park that offer food allergy options. Stay tuned for upcoming post.
  • Rides: To make the most of your time, go to the size guide on the website so you know which rides your kids can go on. This will save you time from having to walk up to every single ride to check height requirements and help you know which part of the park will have the most options for your family.
  • Boulder Beach or Theme Park first? Boulder beach tends to be warmer and busier earlier in the day. Past 4pm I have found Boulder Beach to be much cooler but also less busy. Take your pick!
  • Magic show or Train Ride? If you are only at Silverwood for 1 day you may want to choose one or the other. Including show time and wait times each of these takes close to an hour of your day. The Magic Show is only at select times and gets very busy so arrive early. The Train Ride leaves on the hour and is usually easier to secure a spot.

#2 What to wear:

  • Shoes: if you plan to get wet I recommend wearing comfortable shoes that are waterproof and that also strap around the heel. If you are doing both parks, there is a lot of walking involved so you want something that is comfortable and will stay on your child’s feet. You don’t need shoes at Boulder Beach but you do for all of the rides in the Theme Park and you will for sure get wet on the water rides. Nobody wants to walk around in soggy socks and tennis shoes!
  • Clothes: Wear layers. The mornings and evenings get chilly but the afternoons can be very hot. Wear clothes that are comfortable to walk and sit in. I recommend wearing synthetic clothes that dry quickly rather than cotton. My kids wear a swim shirt and shorts so they don’t have change. Make note: swimsuits are not allowed in the theme park. Be sure to have shorts and a shirt.

#3 What to bring

  • Snacks and water for long wait lines.
  • Maybe a small toy to keep younger kids occupied. The gift shops have some reasonably priced options that act as a souvenir as well. Win! Win!
  • A back pack to keep valuables, snacks and water while in line. Most rides have a secure place to set your items while on the ride.
  • A wagon to hold the cooler, extra water, extra clothes and towels. It is also great for the little ones who get tired or have a hard time keeping up. The wagons cannot go in the lines but can be left just outside the ride. 
  • Dry clothes to change into if you plan to stay after dark.
  • Towels to dry off after Boulder Beach or water rides.
  • A plastic bag for your phone and backpack while on Thunder Canyon. You will get drenched and you must take all belongings with you on this attraction.
  • Life jackets are free at Boulder Beach, but you can take your own if you don’t want to worry about finding one. There are usually plenty near the wave pools.

#4 Other Tips: 

  • Nick Norton Magic Show.  Arrive at least 30 minutes early to ensure a good seat. Go during dinner or lunch to make the most of your time. Order pizza in the Theater of Illusion or take in your own food to eat while watching the show. (They even have gluten free crust). The tables are great if you plan to eat but we think the bleechers are the best for seeing all of the magic tricks. 
  • Get ice cream before 2 or after 4, otherwise you may be in line for a very long time.
  • Park strollers and wagons before getting in line.

What are your best tips & tricks for Silverwood?

Heartfelt blessings,