Burnout to Balance

 If you are a faith-based mompreneur who wants to prevent or overcome burnout and build a sustainable, profitable business, and be present with your family, this program is for you.

Burnout to Balance shows women how to understand, prevent, and overcome burnout while building a successful business.

Through the use of modules, worksheets and videos from Cheree, it will help you find the perfect balance as a mom and successful entrepreneur.

By the end of this 8 week program, you will:*

  • Have a clear plan for growing a sustainable 6-figure income without burnout.
  • Find balance by learning to work from rest, instead of stress
  • Decrease workload and increase profits
  • Gain clarity on goals and priorities in life and business
  • Improve relationships and increase presence with family (because what’s the point of a successful business if the people you love aren’t with YOU in the end?)



6 Self-Paced Burnout to Balance Training Modules

All video training modules and worksheets will be housed in a private network where you will have Lifetime access.

Members Only Community

You will be added to our private group to receive connection and feedback from other members. As a bonus, you will be added to Heartfelt Mamas larger Mompreneur Network.

What Clients are Saying

I started on the Burnout to Balance program almost on a whim. I knew I needed some guidance and clarity in my business but wasn’t really looking diligently for solutions at the time Cheree announced the program. But it seemed like it fell right into my lap, so I took a leap and I am so glad I did. I noticed a more secure sense of peace after the first clarity phone call. I walk away from the weekly coaching sessions with a lot to think about, process and work on, especially when the conversation involves some tough love. But more importantly, I am energized after each meeting, I have a renewed sense of confidence in the direction I want to go with my business and I have tangible tools to use for making appropriate use of my “business hours” while still fulfilling my obligations to my family. The program has taught me to set clear boundaries around my work so that I have the time, energy and money to enjoy and love my family and myself. I have developed a strong habit of self-care practices that simply were not present in my life before starting the program and I have a vision of the future that literally thrills me to visualize and work towards. The online modules help to solidify and really work through these tips, tools and practices and the supplemental materials are really handy but more than anything Cheree’s insights, incredible ideas and near-therapeutic support throughout really makes the program something worth investing in- both personally and professionally.

Brittany F.

Recently, thanks to an actionable tip from Cheree, I have changed how I structure my day from a to-do list to a priority list. Baby steps like this have radically changed the flow of my day for the better. I feel like my mood is more stable, and the stress of the day isn’t as overwhelming. As the owner of a small business and  a mom (two very FULL TIME jobs), having people like Cheree in your life to lift you up and help you maintain the fuel you need to thrive is a non-negotiable.

Hillarie T.

When I first saw Cheree present at an event, she talked about a ‘balanced’ life from the perspective of rest vs. stress. As she engaged the audience and had them talk about restful activities vs. stressful activities, it began to click for me… I didn’t have to live this life of unnecessary and unrelenting stress. I could strive for more balance – and actually achieve it. One of the most unique things I’ve discovered since seeing Cheree present again is her desire to help you ‘see’ a way out your out-of-balance life. Cheree’s instructions on visualizing absolutely changed the way I frame things – and achieve more balance in my life. I’ve tried a lot of things in my life to become ‘less stressed’, like yoga and meditation, but Cheree framed her techniques in a visualization-type format, which was critical for a visual and kinetic person like myself. It’s made a world of difference in terms of how I approach balance in my life!

Melissa B.

I’ve worked with Cheree for a year, through her Burnout to Balanced Mompreneur Program. I am so grateful to have met Cheree! Working with her is life changing. She’s a thoughtful and transformational coach that asks inquisitive questions that dig to the root cause of an opportunity to change, or for growth to happen. She is an empowering coach that thinks through how to help me in my business and motherhood journey. It’s all connected! I’m so looking forward to working with Cheree this next year, through her 1:1 coaching!

Katie A.


MODULE 1: The Big Picture Part 1 (Mental & Emotional Clarity)
  • Stress Vs Rest Balance 
  • Future Self 
  • 20 Year View

*Deliverable-Stress Rest Scale

MODULE 2: The Big Picture Part 2
  • Values in business, life, marriage
  • Top 5 Priorities in Life & Business 
  • Priorities vs To do list
  • Limiting Beliefs
  • Letting go of expectations: The W method
  • Calendar assessment
  • Ideal day/life
  • 5 affirmations for 5 year goals 
  • How to visualize with 5 senses

*Deliverable: Visualization,  Ideal Day/Life

*Challenge: Apply W method to kick social media/phone habit

MODULE 3: Spiritual Self-Care
  • Accessing the Fruits of the Spirit for an abundant life
  • Overcoming your personal obstacles through God’s word & visualization
  • ACTS journaling method
  • GIVE routine 

*Deliverable: ACTS journaling method & GIVE Routine

MODULE 4: Sustainable Self-Care
  • Mental, Emotional, Physical, Spiritual & Social Self-Care
  • Overcoming stress and overwhelm by learning to listen to your body/intuition 
  • Identifying self care practices that work for you RIGHT NOW!
  • Ideal Self-Care
  • How to make it sustainable-START Method

*Deliverable-START METHOD

MODULE 5: Sustainability & Scalability
  • Setting flexible & realistic boundaries for life & business
  • What to delegate in life and business
  • When/how to delegate in life and business to grow your business, even if you don’t have the funds
MODULE 6: Money Mindset & Stewardship God’s Way
  • Wealth & financial abundance for the believer
  • Identifying limiting beliefs & improving financial mindset-ICE Method 
  • Tools to change your mindset
  • Money management for maximum income and profit


One-Time Payment