I help mompreneurs go from surviving to thriving in life, business and faith.


I help momprenuers go from surviving to thriving in life, business and faith.

As a mom, entrepreneurship or working can seem difficult or even impossible…

You may find yourself deciding between putting your family first or accomplishing your dreams. What if I told you that you don’t have to choose?

Hey there. I’m Cheree. I help moms go from surviving to thriving in life, business and faith. 

I coach moms who want to be present with their families, while also fulfilling their purpose.  I help them get clear on their values and priorities, overcome limiting beliefs, and find their purpose by discovering their zone of genius.  My mission is to help women become the best versions of themselves, so they can build thriving businesses, work lives and families.

I’ve worked with Cheree for a year, through her Burnout to Balanced Mompreneur Program. I am so grateful to have met Cheree! Working with her is life changing. She’s a thoughtful and transformational coach that asks inquisitive questions that dig to the root cause of an opportunity to change, or for growth to happen. She is an empowering coach that thinks through how to help me in my business and motherhood journey. It’s all connected! I’m so looking forward to working with Cheree this next year, through her 1:1 coaching!

Katie Anderson

I started on the Burnout to Balance program almost on a whim. I knew I needed some guidance and clarity in my business but wasn’t really looking diligently for solutions at the time Cheree announced the program. But it seemed like it fell right into my lap, so I took a leap and I am so glad I did. I noticed a more secure sense of peace after the first clarity phone call. I walk away from the weekly coaching sessions with a lot to think about, process and work on, especially when the conversation involves some tough love. But more importantly, I am energized after each meeting, I have a renewed sense of confidence in the direction I want to go with my business and I have tangible tools to use for making appropriate use of my “business hours” while still fulfilling my obligations to my family. The program has taught me to set clear boundaries around my work so that I have the time, energy and money to enjoy and love my family and myself. I have developed a strong habit of self-care practices that simply were not present in my life before starting the program and I have a vision of the future that literally thrills me to visualize and work towards. The online modules help to solidify and really work through these tips, tools and practices and the supplemental materials are really handy but more than anything Cheree’s insights, incredible ideas and near-therapeutic support throughout really makes the program something worth investing in- both personally and professionally.

Brittany F.

The opportunity for hot seat coaching was so valuable to myself, my business, and my family. Before speaking with Cheree I was overwhelmed, burnt out, and had lost my passion for my business. During hot seat coaching Cheree asked me thought-provoking questions that led to reflections and new insights. Since speaking with Cheree I have been able to find a better work/life balance and have been able to work on reducing the guilt that surrounded all aspects of my life. I am grateful for the hot seat coaching opportunity and highly recommend Cheree as a coach!

Lydia V.

In mid 2020 we were facing some challenging business decisions that would effect our bottom line. Cheree asked us a series of questions to help us establish our values, identify our challenges, and make a confident decision that ultimately increased our revenue and productivity. To top it off, Cheree is simply an incredible person with a sincere heart to see you succeed! Thank you Cheree!

Spokane Screen Repair

I loved the techniques I learned from the Money Mindset Course. Cheree helped me realize I’ve been living defensively and she gave me the tools to begin living in an abundant mindset to help in my family and in my business. I highly recommend it!

Tina Sullivan

I just wanted to tell you how much you’ve helped me in our coaching sessions. You’ve given me so much encouragement and also grace and reminder that this is a hard season! I was able to find some new perspective on my class, choreographed a new one that I loved and worked on something for my son just to get my brain thinking that way again! I wrote a post for SB about fascia and I think it turned out great! Feeling like I can do this with lots of grace for myself and to just keep doing it! Thank you so so much!!!!!

Michelle Scellick Burns

Recently, thanks to an actionable tip from Cheree, I have changed how I structure my day from a to-do list to a priority list.  It has radically changed the flow of my day for the better.  As the owner of a small business and a mom (two very FULL TIME jobs), having people like Cheree in your life to lift you up and help you maintain the fuel you need to survive is a non-negotiable.

Hillarie Thole

I love helping moms explore their God-given gifts and strengths, so they can go after the life they desire and remain present with their families.

By leaning into your relationship with God and using your faith to guide you, you can have the type of life you want.

What do you want your life to look like as a mom and entrepreneur? Let me help you get there!

E20: Season 1 Wrap-Up

E20: Season 1 Wrap-Up

In today's episode, I give you a real-life glimpse into my own life and how I use values, priorities and boundaries to keep myself in check. I will also be explaining why this will be the last episode of Season 1.

E20: Season 1 Wrap-Up

In today's episode, I give you a real-life glimpse into my own life and how I use values, priorities and boundaries to keep myself in check. I will also be explaining why this will be the last episode of Season 1.

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